Welcome To Our Online Course – Sales Supercharged

Become The Marketing And Sales Expert For Your Business!


  • Is your business what you thought it would be when you started it?
  • Are you making the money you had always hoped to make?
  • Do you have the freedom to do what is important to you?
  • Do you know your vision, your mission, and your purpose?
  • Do you enjoy what you are doing or has it become stressful?

With over 20+ years of business experience, trust me when I say; I have been there!

In this online course, I will take you from confusion to clarity with proven methods that will

but you on the sales fast track to creating abundance in your business.

What to expect:

Module 1 – Creating Clarity and planning for success

  • What is the expertise you bring to the world?

  • What is your Vision, your Mission, and your purpose?

  • Get Clear – Clarify your business Niche

  • Develop a clear and focused business model that you can implement with confidence.

  • Set up functional business structures that will serve as key factors in your success

  • Create a 90 – day plan to identify key team members

  • Create a mindset for success.

  • Identify unique characteristics that make you stand out and shine in your business

Module 2 – Wealth Consciousness and Transforming Your Relationship With Money

  • Uncover your money story and your beliefs around money.

  • Discover what is holding you back.

  • The importance of manifestation, a vision board and thinking bigger.

  • Get into the money game with a brand new perspective on receiving and sustaining Wealth

  • Goals and desires using your new money belief.

  • Specific inspired actions that are designed to help you create wealth.

Module 3 – Refine Your Ideal Client and Marketing Vs. Branding

  • Who is your Ideal Client:

  • Create or redefine your marketing message.

    • Create your marketing message in a way that will draw clients to you with ease.

  • Evaluate your Marketing systems and define what is working for you.

  • How to price and refine your packages for your business.

  • Branding vs. Marketing

  • Emotionally connecting to your clients through your brand and marketing.

  • Understanding Internet Marketing.

  • Positioning yourself in the marketplace.

Module 4 – Social Media and Website Strategy

  • Why use social media

  • Navigate social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchap, youtube, and Instagram.

  • Specific actions to take to transform your business through Social Media

  • Develop consistent SM marketing practices to help with consistent growth

  • How to effectively create ads on SM that will attract your preferred clients.

  • How to create business Facebook and create likes.

  • How to navigate your website, does it speak to our Idea client

  • How to use your website to create a list of potential clients

Module 5 – Creating copy and emails that to engage loyal clients and potential clients

  • Create a plan to draft and set up automatic weekly e-mails to your growing list.

  • Write an effective subject line to create a higher open rate

  • Write Content rich e-mails and newsletters.

  • A list of hot button words that work to entice and motivate readers to take action.

  • Set up welcome letters and gifts offered through opt-ins from your website.

  • Set up of engaging series of e-mails.

Module 6 – Create 5K-10K months in your business, proven sales techniques, and overcoming objections. Identify the unique characteristics that make you stand out and shine in your business

  • Take back control in your day and increase your income.

  • Lower your stress and automate your business.

  • Own your goals and plan for success.

  • Actions to specifically take to create sales in your business.

  • Enrolling vs. Selling, relationships, relationships, relationships.

  • Sales today is not the sales of yesterday.

  • Overcoming objections, the secret of knowing objections really aren’t objections.

  • Engage your clients and potential clients and make it fun and rewarding to be in business.

Module 7 – You are worth it, You have what it takes to create exactly what you want in your life.

  • Review your well thought out business plan and actions plans going forward

  • What’s your mindset, commitment to your success and doing what it takes?

  • Clarity around your business and motivation to continue to doing what you love.

This Also Includes:

  • A one-hour discovery session with Maria – Clarity, Purpose, Vision and Mission

“Sales Super Charged, Marketing Savy”  – $199