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Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • What does “Eydis” mean? Eydis sounds a lot like ideas, it is pronounced, I-Dee-Iss. Eydis represents a “Warrior Woman,” she is the goddess of the island and the giver of good fortune and gifts. “Eydis” aspires to leave the world a better place than when she arrived, changing lives along the way. “Eydis” is authentic living at its best and displays articles that are uplifting, inspiring, educational and empowering.

  •  Who can own an “Eydis” Magazine? Those who want to make a difference in their community and who are passionate about teaching others to live a better life through articles such as health, fitness, home, cooking, etc. It could be someone who wants to leave the corporate world behind, a couple, a single person, partners, a stay at home mom, retirees looking for their next journey, or the college graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit. It is for those who want to create a successful business and who love the idea of being a leader in their community.

  •  Do I need Publishing Experience? The short answer is no. When I started in the publishing world in 2003, I had very little experience and learned the ins and outs to perfect my business. I will take you through an in-depth training program teaching you everything you need to know to become abundantly successful. I did it and you can too.

  •  Do I have to be a sales person? Although clients are what supports the magazine and you need them, it is not a requirement. Let me explain. It is more important that you enjoy being a part of your community, this magazine sells itself. I will teach you methods that will help you to attract clients instead of selling clients. I will also show you other alternatives such as hiring sales associates on a commission basis as well as a few more options I have found that will make your magazine a success.

  •  How do I know if my area is available or what if there are already similar magazines to “Eydis” in my area? At the beginning of the process, we will conduct a market analysis. We will review all competing media in your area, rate cards and media kits. Please know that competition is a good thing. It gives you a good idea of the potential rates that you could charge in your area and you get a good idea of the businesses that will support such a venue.

  •  Can I own an “Eydis” magazine outside the U.S.?  Yes

  • How much time do I have to put into it? The realistic answer is, you put in as much time as it takes to make the kind of money you want to make. Basically, you have options, you can choose to own a monthly magazine, a bi-monthly magazine, or quarterly magazine, the page count is up to you. Also through training, I will teach you how to automate your business so no matter what option you choose, our goal is always to show you ways to allow more time for you and your family.

  • How much support do I actually get? I have created an extensive one-week training program. In that time we will take a deep dive into learning everything you need to know to be successful. You will have access to all of the training materials online, including additional free articles to help run your business successfully. We will then work closely with you for the next 2-3 months to create your first your magazine. This is not something you have to do alone. You will also have the option to work with me for a full year past that training. Your success is our success, I will share more about this as we go through all of the details.

  • Do I have to find all of the content for the magazine? I currently own a global magazine which has articles written by New York Times Best-Selling Authors, International Best-Selling Authors and highlights world-renowned leaders that you have access to in our Library of content. Our Articles also include topics such as Health, Fitness, Healthy Eating, Inspirational people who are changing the world, and Empowerment and Steps to living your best life.

  •  How much is a License? I am happy to go over this with you personally. I will explain the cost involved, how to make a fast (ROI) return on your “very reasonable” investment, and show you how you can make a six-figure income in your very first year.

  • Can I view a current issue? You can! Please visit

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