Thank you for taking an interest in Good Fat Life Magazine. The vision for Good Fat Life started many years ago, as a college student. Did I know I would actually start a magazine? No. Being a creative person as I started my college degree in the arts combined with my love for health it is no surprise that my journey has led me here. 

With a second major in Business strongly encouraged by my dad, when I was introduced to the Income Statement, I literally felt like King Arthur in the Sword and the Stone where the sky opened, and the sun shone down from the Heavens and my life was changed forever. I couldn’t get enough; I knew I was destined to be an entrepreneur. 

When I started Good Fat Life, I knew that the five major wellness players: nutrition, movement, sleep, how we think, and toxins in the environment, as well as relationships, finances and our spirituality are all critical factors in living a healthy life. What I didn’t know was what this really meant, and what little things I could be doing on a daily basis to move closer to my vision, and a healthy life without feeling deprived. Truth is I didn’t even have a vision. I was just doing my best to stay ahead of the day. You know, kids, family, work, paying the bills, exercise: and the list goes on and on. Getting through each day. That was where my focus was. While I did my best, I constantly felt like I was missing something profound, like I was somehow even sabotaging myself. Life shouldn’t be this hard. 

As time allowed, I kept looking for trusted resources that would teach me what I needed to know in a way that was easy to understand, like talking to a good friend who really knows their stuff. I want to understand what the difference between being a fat burner and a sugar burner really is, and why I should care. How do I get rid of my belly fat in a way that is sustainable and addresses the root cause of my extra weight? Diets aren’t sustainable, so how should I eat for my body? We are all different, and none of us are one size fits all. 

So many questions that I Have had over time are: What are superfoods and how do they fit into my lifestyle? Snacking! What are good snacks? How can I read a food label and easily, understand what I am reading? How do the clothes I wear impact the environment? How do the thoughts I think and the people I am around impact my overall well-being? What about sleep? How do I stop waking up at 3:00 AM? All these questions and many more keep popping up. Short of having to look at 100 resources to find straightforward, evidence-based answers, I decided to surround myself with the experts by going right to the source, and put them all together into one place. 

Thus, Good Fat Life was born. It is a Modern, Healthy, Lifestyle Magazine, designed to be a trusted resource for all things that support a life well lived. I look forward to sharing more about Good Fat Life Magazine with you.

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Good Fat Life Magazine Is A Monthly Magazine.